Monday, February 14, 2011

The Sharper the Mind

Captain Kirk said to Spock, "The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play" (Shore Leave, Stardate 3025.8). Children's minds are active, intuitive and above all, complex. Within a few years, a child will absorb a spoken language, integrate into society through school and activities and recognize how to get his or her needs met. All while adapting to a constantly changing body.

With such a complex mind, it's no wonder children have an unyielding need for play. While most parents have an unyielding need for this.

My kids made this "Snow-Mom" the other day (she must be a mom, with all those arms). And I felt a strange kinship with this pile of slush.

If you ever watch a mom at work, or a teacher of young children, or anyone who deals primarily with people under four feet tall you will see those tiny people coming at her with a barrage of questions, demands, complaints, or something sticky.

Though I do have a name, as a mother of two I also respond to, "Mommy! Now! Want it! and No Fair!"
Those words and more come barreling at me the instant I open my laptop or push the Talk button on my phone. Two tiny people running full-tilt across a landmine of toys with something broken in their hands or something wet on their pants, fully alert to the removal of mom's undivided attention, fully prepared to claim the other one was about to jump from the roof or put toys in the oven or sneeze on each other.

How do I deal with such complex minds? Minds that so soon after they learn to talk learn the concept of "he hit me first?"


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