Monday, February 14, 2011

Directly Into the Sun

Raising two children under two years old is like looking directly into the sun. It hurts, people tell you not to, and if you do it too long, you'll black out.

Two under two means I had to mark their diapers so I'd know whose I was grabbing in a frenzied plunge into the diaper bag. Two under two means I spent a solid three years pregnant, nursing and trying to stop leaking. From anywhere. Two under two means my children had to learn the word "turn."

Turns? Children don't take turns. They just... hover.

My children are now four and two-and-a-half. We've spent the last four years paying our dues to the time-out corner, cutting teeth, and "missing" the potty. But there have been moments, glorious moments when everything aligns like a solar eclipse. Peals of laughter fill our house. And it's safe to look directly into the sun.

The secret? Games.

(Stay tuned for a fabulous link about Games!)

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